The map above exists if for reasons of cyberstalking or just by happenstance you wished to know where in The States I've lived.   If you are here trying to find my previous articles I hope these are of interest and what you seek. Social media musings can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

If my professional background should interest, the meandering career path has wended from peddling university press books with the Association of University Presses to editing fiction and non-fiction for Franklin Watts, when they had an adult trade list, to direct response and consumer retention marketing at The New York Times and other newspapers to editing and reporting for the beloved and now departed Tennis Week Magazine and included freelancing for a variety of magazines and websites — including the continuing stint as a contributing editor at Tennis Industry Magazine. I currently serve also as an adjunct lecturer on writing at Lehman College and media studies at City College of New York. 

I freelance as a writer and am also available to consult on the fiction and non-fiction of others. If there is anything I can answer — or you strongly believe I have something to answer for — please give a holler.